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Adult Dyslexia Tutoring

Adults with Dyslexia have ongoing struggles long after completing high school and higher education degrees as they navigate their jobs and social lives. My services are intended to improve one's ability to read professional journals, write properly spelled and punctuated emails, read for pleasure, and much more.
After completing a refresher course in Orton-Gillingham, a phonetic approach to teaching reading through writing, I was excited to learn the extent to which adults improved in their ability to read, write more clearly, and spell better. In other words, we are never too old to improve in these areas, even if our school experiences were less than positive.

I had one adult confide in me that the reason he had enrolled in this class was to be able to read Fifty Shades of Grey with his wife. Another individual who was a manager at her job wanted to be able to write an email to her employees that she oversees without having to have her husband first proofread the email for mistakes. And another adult wanted to improve his spelling in order for spell check on his computer to be able to "know" what word he was trying to spell.

I am offering adult literacy services to enhance these areas as well as to satify any other individualized needs for tutoring. Individual lessons will provide a safe and private setting to improve skills at a rate which corresponds with the individual's level. Not only are my individual lessons offered in person, but are also available with the use of skyping. All reading levels are accepted and can improve.