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NanKids, Logo NanKids, Inc. is a private, learning disabilities tutorial service, using Orton Gillingham phonics, which is aimed at helping children with dyslexia and dysgraphia overcome and compensate for their difficulties with a trained dyslexia tutor. Children with dyslexia often have very creative minds and a gifted intellect, but often struggle to learn to read and to be proficient at math through conventional methods in traditional settings.

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Mission Statement

Description: NanKids is a private, Atlanta based learning disabilities tutorial service dedicated to improving the academic lives of children whose struggles are due to a specific learning disability often referred to as dyslexia and dysgraphia. Nancy Lindenbaum, the owner of NanKids, is a dyslexia tutor in Atlanta. A re-education process which includes Orton Gillingham phonics is used that will affect all of the academic subjects to help make school easier. The focus of the tutorial sessions is to remediate the students' weaknesses and to activate the language centers of the brain using a multi-sensory approach to reading and written expression.

NanKids mission is to help students become independent and confident in reading, writing, and thinking by teaching cognitive and self-advocacy skills as well as by helping the student to discover his or her own strengths and weaknesses.

Nick- Winner of NanKids Art Contest
Nick- Winner of NanKids Art Contest